Adapting to Technology - Understanding Your IT


Adapting to technology doesn't need to be frustrating or daunting, it does however need to be understood.

It can be as simple as learning how to navigate your tablet (ipad) to as complex as understanding how search engines and browsers work.


Practical advice and tips on surfing the web, managing emails and getting the most out of your phone 


We encourage you to bring your device, along with your question and practice 'hands on' for yourself.

Our trainers have the understanding, commitment and patience to guide and support you, step by step, giving you the confidence to do it yourself when you need to. 

Tablets (Ipads)


  • Store and find photographs

  • Browse the internet

  • Set up / Use your email account

  • Personalising your screen

  • Storing to 'cloud'

  • Syncing your devices

  • Saving, Locating & / or Delete items

We have two delivery options :

*Both are One Hour Sessions and We Come To You


Option 1). $25.00 per person

(Minimum 8 people), Maximum 12 people

Structured Specifically Around Your Questions


Option 2). $200 per class  

(No minimum), Maximum 15 people

Covering common Questions and Issues



Mobile Phones


  • Send and receive SMS (text messages)

  • Send and receive MMS (photos & Pictures)

  • Understanding apps' and widgets

  • Changing settings

  • Deciphering settings and content

Laptops & PCs


  • Using Windows systems 

  • Understanding Browsers - Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari ... 

  • Using search engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo

  • free email accounts

  • Password protection / safety

  • Changing browser settings

  • Using filters 

  • GEEK SPEAK - Terminology - What it all means